Thursday, July 16, 2009


I often warn women who are contemplating marriage to marry someone whocan take care of them. When a woman marries, it ought to be to someone whois capable of taking her to the next level. If she comes from poverty,there is no reason for her to get married and still be impoverished. The role ofthe man is to take her to another place.When she gets married, she ought to dress better, drive better, livebetter, and eat better, not constantly be in a struggle over where her nextmeal is coming from. My grandmother used to say, 'I can do bad all by myself.¢For a woman desiring a mate, the objective, of course, would be to find aChristian man, who's settled, has goals, accomplishments and a job. Buta goal-oriented and focused man can't just be approached any kind of way.So the woman who seeks this type of stability must make sure that hestands out above the crowd:1. Make sure your relationship with the Lord is strong and growing.2. Make sure that you are presentable. Working from the inside out, yourpresentation should be representative of both who you are and whom youseek. Appearance is a reflection of how you see yourself.3. Have the ability to hold an intelligent conversation.4. And most importantly, allow the Holy Ghost to take control. Youdon't need to go after him. He's going to come after you, because after hesees and smells you and knows that you're in his presence, he's going towant to know who you are! I know there's somebody reading this who has beenchasing after the 'man of your dreams,' but God says, 'Just sit still and allowpatience to have her perfect work through Me. 'Furthermore, it's never a good idea to be too forward and too aggressive.Attempting to win a man's affection by jumping into bed with him willonly backfire and cause him to lose interest in ever developing a lastingrelationship. It causes him to lose respect for you and question yourcharacter..However, if he sees that you are dressed with quality, that you smelllike you are somebody, that you look like you're doing fine without him,then that will attract the right attention from him. He'll have no choicebut to give you his attention. Stop looking so needy, climbing into bed,trying in vain to capture a man's heart.God woke me up in the middle of the night and said, 'The same thingthat Naomi told Ruth to do is the same thing that I want them to do for me.'God is so sick of saints coming to Him trying to get a quickie andnever romancing Him for Who he is - going to church screaming, shouting andhollering, but hadn't been intimate with God all week long! Stop tryingto treat God like a sugar daddy and start romancing Him with worship andpraise: 'I'm yours Lord...everything I've got...everything I'm not!'The God we serve, which is the God of love, demands and requires of usforeplay before He gives us what we need. In the book of Ruth, themother-in-law tells Ruth, 'You have to wash.' John 15:3 reminds us, Nowye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. When you sitin the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you are taking a shower. When you hear theunadulterated Word of God, then the dirt and grime that you'veaccumulated all week long begins to wash off of you.Ask God to 'create in you a clean heart and renew a right spirit.'Stand in the word. Then wait upon the Lord to renew your strength. Passthis on to those who have found or are seeking Mr. Right. This message isnot directed at the receiver, it is directed to women I know that touchother young women that can benefit from this information. We are to beNaomi's of the world today. Our young women need to be informed of how to catchand keep a man that will respect them.P. S. Pass this on to every woman you know!"If he can't meet you where you are....leave him where he's at”

by Jamal-Harrison

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