Thursday, June 11, 2009


Success is not only gaining financial freedom or having enough possession. You can be successful emotionally, you can control your emotions, and you can make a choice of what goes on within you. What put us down some of the time are our negative feelings.

Negative emotions are dangerous to our health. When you are bitter things can get better. Negative emotions are not altogether bad but they are just regulations. If we can interpret them accurately whenever they show up and become sensitive to them, they can actually be channeled to achieve positive change. A negative feeling is a signal that something is wrong and that it requires attention.

Key 1: Identify what you are really feeling: Whatever you are feeling has a name and identifying it gives you the energy to deal with it. Below are some negative emotions

Anger: This is not bad but when it spins out of control, it leads to destruction.
Rejection: This is what you fell, when you are no wanted by somebody, it destroy self –esteem.
Frustration: It is the feeling of defeat or resignation.
Hurt: This usually come from our relationship.
Anxiety or worry: This is expecting the worst thing to happen
Inadequacy: This is low-self esteem. This is when you feel you cannot do something you want to do.

These are few among many but the good news is that, if you can’t change the happenings around you can change what goes on in you. Once you identify the problem it is half solve. Make a choice to be successful in your emotions. You can feel success.

R.D Solomon

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