Thursday, June 11, 2009


Peace is what everyone is looking for in this trouble world
There are so many problems, tribulations and trouble in this life but the good news is that we can still live a life of peace.

Peace means calmness. Living a life full of calmness is achievable,
You can live a life without ups and down; this does not exclude you from challengers.
Even in the midst of problems and troubles, you can still be at peace. This kind of peace is the God kind of Peace. And you can experience it as well.

Peace of mind is what makes life more meaningful and exciting. Outside it, life is full of frustration and pain.

3 most common things that disturb your peace
Anxiety: This can also be liken as worries (i.e. fear of the future, worried about the bills, children school fees etc.) Anxiety shock and suffocate. It lead to hypertension, it was reveal that 40% of what we worry about never happen. When anxiety stop, peace comes in.
Hurry: Doing things that are bigger than you or your income can steal your peace. Go at your pace if you don’t want to loose your peace. Life is in phases but men are in sizes. When you jump in, you jump out. Don’t be in a hurry to be rich. Just go at your pace and be joyful. Don’t compare yourself with another. Be yourself.
Covetousness: This is dangerous to your health; it’s deceitful and full of sorrow. Covetousness is the desire for more material things and the cure is contentment. As you strive for more, be contented with what you have, as you think big; be contented with the little you have.
Applying this principle is what generates peace in you but He that giveth peace is the almighty God. You can live a life full of peace; you too can enjoy peace everyday of your life. Just ask God and he will release peace in your heart. When He (God) speaks He speaks peace to His people.

R.D Solomon

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